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The murky origins of the Coronavirus and the Covid-19

The question about the origins of Coronavirus and the origins of Covid-19 are complex, multi-faceted, and they include, in my opinion, the Criminological and the Intelligence work aspects, in addition and beside the Medical – Epidemiological and Biological – Microbiological ones. 

“…There was manipulation around this virus. …the coronavirus of the bat, someone added sequences, in particular of HIV, the virus of AIDS. […] It is not natural. It’s the work of professionals, of molecular biologists. […] A very meticulous work”, opined Luc Montagnier, the  2008 Nobel Prize winner for AIDS research, hinting that “COVID-19 coronavirus disease was artificially created in a lab by biologists working on an AIDS vaccine.” 

“China’s narrative about the origin of COVID-19 is starting to unravel”, claimed Lawrence Sellin, the Retired US Army Colonel, the observer with the Military-Intelligence background. 

These que…

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