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Saved Stories – None: A QAnon supporter used her car to attack random strangers who she suddenly decided were Satanic pedophiles

The Waco Tribune reports that a 30-year-old woman was arrested earlier this week for “driving while intoxicated and aggravated assault charges after she chased at least two cars and intentionally crashed into one, later telling police she thought she was chasing a pedophile who had kidnapped a girl.”

The police reported that, “Ms. Fulbright pursued (the driver) through the parking lot striking her again and an uninvolved Dodge Durango before Ms. Fulbright crashed into a cement pylon at the gas pump” and that her blood-alcohol level was somewhere between 0.21% and 0.217%.

Right Wing Watch managed to interview some friends of Fulbright, who had this to say:

On Aug. 6, Fulbright sent [Mark] Mueller an “out of the blue” message containing a link to download the Trump 2020 campaign app. Mueller said he subsequently argued with Fulbright about Trump’s political competency and during the argument​, she claimed that Trump was “literally taking down the cabal and the pedophile ring.”

“One by one,” Fulbright wrote to Mueller. “What President has EVEN TALKED ABOUT IT? It’s been going on for centuries.”


Sydney Molina, a​​ former roommate of Fulbright, said that Fulbright “has a history of mental health issues” that have gone untreated. She added that Fulbright’s family was “super huge” into supporting the president and that Fulbright was “feeding off her own family’s crazy Trump love.” At some point in May, Molina claims to have introduced Fulbright to QAnon. 

“I was the one who originally sent her stuff, and her boyfriend sent her stuff, kind of like laughing at how ridiculous it is,” Molina said. 


Mueller and Molina both said they were surprised to receive pro-QAnon messages from Fulbright​, and they described her as a political “progressive” before ​she began following the far-right conspiracy theory.


“She started sending me these crazy messages attacking me, ‘I don’t know what you believe anymore. You’re the one that showed me this​, and you’re turning your back on it, so you’re a part of it. You’re involved,'” Molina recounted. “I couldn’t say or do anything without her accusing me of being a satanist.”

There are obviously a lot of unfortunate factors at play; and certainly, not everyone who believes in QAnon necessarily has a history of (alleged) mental health issues, or substance abuse. But this is a scary story of how a few conspiratorial hashtags and cryptic Facebook rants can pour gasoline onto every other part of a person’s life and lead them into chaotic drunken sprees of vigilante attempted vehicular manslaughter.

Affidavit: Drunk driver who rammed car claimed to be chasing pedophile [Kristin Hoppa / Waco Tribune-Herald]

Texas QAnon Supporter Used Car to Attack Strangers She Believed Were ‘Pedophiles’ [Julian Feeld / Right Wing Watch]

Image: Marc Nozell / Flickr (CC 2.0)

Saved Stories – None