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Saved Stories – None: 8:24 AM 9/7/2020 – Navalny poisoning may threaten Nord Stream 2 pipeline

8:24 AM 9/7/2020 – Navalny poisoning may threaten Nord Stream 2 pipeline

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AFP’s YouTube Videos: The border between N. Ireland and Ireland | AFP Animé
euronewsru’s YouTube Videos: Большой театр открыл новый сезон
france24english’s YouTube Videos: As Covid-19 cases soar in Spain, new school year comes too soon for some
Euronews’s YouTube Videos: Why Erdogan won’t start a war with Greece over Mediterranean drilling
france24english’s YouTube Videos: Navalny poisoning may threaten Nord Stream 2 pipeline
RussiaToday’s YouTube Videos: Berlins failure to share data on Navalny case stalls probe Russian Foreign Ministry
itnnews’s YouTube Videos: Joe Biden’s Most Awkward Gaffes Of All Time (Part 2)
NewsOnABC’s YouTube Videos: The Federal Government plans to have a COVID-19 vaccine ready by early next year | ABC News
AFP’s YouTube Videos: North Korea’s Kim inspects region hit by Typhoon Maysak | AFP
RussiaToday’s YouTube Videos: Assange saga | Extradition hearing starts after years of legal battle
Trump News TV from Michael_Novakhov (15 sites): NPR News Now: NPR News: 09-07-2020 7AM ET
NewsOnABC’s YouTube Videos: Group of young doctors found after two nights missing in Central Australian outback | ABC News
AssociatedPress’s YouTube Videos: On This Day: 7 September 1921
1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites): trump money laundering Google News: Following are the top foreign stories at 1700 hours Outlook India
FBI from Michael_Novakhov (35 sites): mueller Google News: Polish PM to talk with Belarusian opposition leader about aid for Belarus The First News
Caribbean Life News: Caribbean seeks long-term visitors
Court overseeing national security surveillance finds FBI routinely doesnt observe rules
New York Daily News: Navy launches search after sailor goes missing from aircraft carrier
Michael Novakhov on Twitter from Michael_Novakhov (4 sites): mikenov on Twitter: 2:33 PM 9/6/2020 Saved Stories Sites
Michael Novakhov SharedNewsLinks: 2:33 PM 9/6/2020 Saved Stories Sites | News Links
Virus lab workers end strike after striking deal with government
New York Daily News: Maine wedding now linked to three coronavirus deaths, at least 147 cases
Govt approves night curfew on 40 red cities amid coronavirus spike
FOX News: Peter Strzok says mistakes in FISA applications were due to agents being overworked
News 12 Home: More than 200 airlifted to safety from California wildfire

Saved Stories – None