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Saved Stories – None: 3:37 PM 10/3/2020 – Tweets by ‎@mikenov: Germany’s Far Right Reunified, Too, Making It Much Stronger – The New York Times –

3:37 PM 10/3/2020 – Tweets 

  1. LIVE SOON: Trump’s doctor gives health update at Walter Reed hospital  via @YouTube

  2. Сергей Есенин – монах, безбожник и поника. Доброе утро. Суббота. Фрагмен…  via @YouTube

  3. Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Azerbaijan president blames Armenia  via @YouTube

  4. Azerbaijan launches major new offensive in Nagorno-Karabakh, say Armenians  via @YouTube

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    On this day in 1993, two U.S. Army Blackhawk helicopters are shot down over Mogadishu, Somalia. 18 Americans are killed and 73 are wounded during the fight to recover the crews. As many as 500 Somalis perish in the battle.

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  6. 6:54 AM 10/3/2020 – The FBI-KGB News Review: It became known about the reshuffle in the leadership of the FSB | Fox News: FBI Is New KGB 

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    The first lady, 50, was pictured wearing masks earlier, even after the president dismissed them, and she has tweeted about the importance of wearing them and other protective guidelines.

    But both of them have also appeared in public maskless. 

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    “It can go either way,” said Hadi Halazun, a cardiologist from Southampton. “It can make him a hero. It can rally his base. If he gets quite sick and recovers, I think people will rally behind him.” 

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    Analysis: Here’s what happens to the election if Trump can’t perform his duties

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