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News and Music: The post-presidency of a con man – 9:59 AM 11/16/2020

The post-presidency of a con man – 9:59 AM 11/16/2020

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“Trump Investigations” – Google News: Michelle Goldberg: The post-presidency of a con man – Salt Lake Tribune
The Pro-Israel Progressive Movement Notches a Win – BloombergQuint
Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Announces Direct Flights To Israel With Ad Featuring Second Temple –
U.S., another country ‘pressuring Pakistan to recognize Israel,’ says PM Imran Khan –
Researchers find coronavirus was circulating in Italy earlier than thought – Reuters
Pent-up global wish list of hopes, demands awaits Biden – ABC News
Moldova election: Pro-EU candidate Maia Sandu wins presidency
Russia Finds No Criminal Influence on Journalist’s Self-Immolation Death Kommersant – The Moscow Times
Putin informs Macron on stabilization of situation in Karabakh – Trend News Agency
Al Jazeera: How will Biden, who called Putin ‘soulless’, stand up to Russia? | KyivPost – Ukraine’s Global Voice – Kyiv Post
“Blessing in disguise: Putin says COVID border closures curbed drug smuggling into Russia – TASS
Arkady Rotenberg, Vladimir Putin’s Judo Sparring Partner, and His Complex, Multi-Million Dollar Divorce – The Daily Beast
Israeli Police: ‘Masks making it harder to identify suspects’
The seven-hour itch: What the press is saying on November 16
Worldview: Asia-Pacific trading bloc, Peru unrest, and more global headlines
One million new COVID-19 cases confirmed in U.S. in past week
President-elect Biden preparing for first days in office despite Trump denials
NATO, acting US Pentagon chief discuss Afghanistan
Donald Trump | The Guardian: If this were happening in Turkey, wed call Trumps actions an attempted coup

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