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Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (29 sites): The News And Times: Floods and Epidemics – Google Search – 8:15 AM 12/4/2020


  1. floods and epidemics – Google Search 
    Scholarly articles for floods and epidemics
    Diarrheal epidemics in Dhaka, Bangladesh, during … – Schwartz – Cited by 203
    … diarrhoea epidemics in the 1998 Bangladesh floods – Kunii – Cited by 179
    … seeking ho..

  2. Rodent-borne infectious disease outbreaks after flooding disasters: Epidemiology, management, and prevention | Diaz, MD, DrPH | American Journal of Disaster Medicine 

  3. Hantavirus outbreaks after heavy rainfalls – Google Search  Rodent-borne infectious disease outbreaks after flooding disasters… (HFRS) and Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS); infectious disease outbreaks following heavy rainfall and flooding disasters.

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