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Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (29 sites): The News And Times: 8:50 AM 12/5/2020 – The Dynamics of the Putin’s Russia Economic and Political Powers in its Near Abroad

 8:50 AM 12/5/2020

The Dynamics of the Putin’s Russia Economic and Political Powers in its Near Abroad: the effects of the oil price – Google Search

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Russia’s Near Abroad – JStor › stable › pdf

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development and their implications for Russia’s relations with its near abroad. The Current … from the 1998 plunge in oil prices and its devastating effects on state finances. Hence … political and economic decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union, … tional Forces in Europe and President Putin’s announcement to target.

Understanding the Factors That Will Impact the Succession to … › pubs › perspectives › RAND_PE349

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Since Tsarist times, creating a successful political succession has always been … prised Russian politicians and analysts, Putin used his annual state-of-the- … economy has experienced little to no growth, and the effects … growth (largely because of high oil and gas prices). … Nationalism in Russia and the Near Abroad.

by J TEFFT · ‎2020

Russian Views of the International Order – RAND Corporation › research_reports › RAND_RR1826

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Putin explained, “Instead of establishing a new balance of power, essential for maintain- ing order … ence within its “near abroad” (meaning Russia’s perceived sphere of influence … 5. political and economic cooperation as a partner equal to other … views offer the most-direct implications for U.S. policy toward Russia.

by A Radin · ‎2017 · ‎Cited by 84 · ‎Related articles
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