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Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (30 sites): The News And Times: 11:16 AM 12/20/2020 – New COVID-19 strain in UK | Countries ban UK flights over new coronavirus variant

11:16 AM 12/20/2020



  1. ‘New variant’ of coronavirus identified in England – BBC News  › news › health-55308211
    6 days ago — The new strain may be growing faster in some parts of the country

    new COVID-19 strain in UK – Google Search 

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    Six years ago today, Detectives Rafael Ramos & WenJian Liu were sitting in their patrol car when they were assassinated solely because of the uniform they wore.

    Today, & everyday, we uphold our vow to Rafael & WenJian — our brothers taken far too soon.

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    Federal agency says employers can legally require workers to get COVID-19 vaccine 

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  4. Investigate Trump & Trumpism in depth, including its very possible Germa…  via @YouTube

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    Владимир Путин посетил штаб-квартиру Службы внешней разведки и поздравил работников органов безопасности с профессиональным праздником 

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  6. Can Congress get a coronavirus stimulus deal done before 2021?  via @YouTube

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    Владимир Путин оценил работу системы здравоохранения России во время пандемии. Глава государства считает, что медики смогли достаточно быстро отреагировать на вызов коронавируса, хоть и возникали проблемы: 

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    Italian foreign minister Luigi di Maio says the Italian government is suspending all travel from the UK due to the new strain of covid-19

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    Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo says the country will ban flights and rail connections from UK for 24 hours from midnight “out of precaution” after the UK notified the WHO about a new COVID-19 strain

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    Facebook’s feud with Apple escalates over planned privacy feature 

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  11. IDF arrests suspect over close-range firebomb attack on soldier 

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  12. 3:43 AM 12/20/2020 – Intelligence Failure – One of the many, I stopped counting them a long time ago. What is wrong with the American Intelligence Services? Why do all these bad things keep happening to America?! 

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  13. 2:27 AM 12/20/2020 – Блин. А деду-то совсем плохо, оказывается… 
    Wow! The Grandy iz going BANANAZ -Z-Z-Z!!! – M.N.

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    Блин. А деду-то совсем плохо, оказывается…

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    Modi surprises with Sikh temple visit amid farm protests 

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    Congress nearing deal on $900 billion COVID-19 relief package 

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    Congress reaches deal on new economic-relief bill, $600 stimulus payments 

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    Report: Car bomb kills 9 in Afghan capital

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    Netherlands bans flights from UK to prevent spread of Covid-19 mutation 

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