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Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (30 sites): The Brooklyn News And Times: 10:08 AM 1/20/2021 – What’s ahead for the Biden Administration?

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10:08 AM 1/20/2021 – What’s ahead for the Biden Administration?


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What’s ahead for the Biden Administration?

The official transfer of power is moments away. What will the first 100 days in office look like for President-elect Joe Biden? Political and Social Impact Strategist Kristal Knight explained what’s ahead for the Biden Administration.

President Trump pardons rapper Lil Wayne, commutes Kodak Black’s sentence  CNET

The outgoing commander-in-chief will not attend, making Trump the first president in 152 years to snub the incoming president.


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Во вторник, 19 января, Евгений Пригожин прокомментировал задержание и арест Алексея Навального, который недавно вернулся из Германии в Россию. Развернутый комментарий был опубликован в официальной группе пресс-службы компании “Конкорд”.

По словам бизнесмена, Навальный пытался стать политиком из желания заработать “легкие” деньги. “Навальный изначально пытался стать политиком, чтобы срубить бабла по-легкому. И для этого надо вспомнить его первые дела с расхищением государственного и частного имущества, а затем с банальным мошенничеством”, – напомнил Пригожин.

Также бизнесмен уточнил, что, по его мнению, глава ФБК получает финансирование от западных спецслужб. Они же взамен контролируют деятельность Навального. “Так вот, такого обычного мошенника-негодяя враги нашей страны, западные спецслужбы “прокачали”, ввалили в него кучу денег и попытались сделать из него политическую фигуру”, – отметил Пригожин.

Евгений Пригожин подчеркнул, что расследования Алексея Навального строятся по определённой схеме и нацелены на дискредитацию российской власти, где “факты” откровенно “притянуты за уши”. “Посмотрите на его псевдорасследования, большая часть из них об обычных коммерсантах, которые заработали свои деньги, как я, например, а заодно в ходе развития бизнеса давали работу десяткам тысяч человек. Затем подмешайте туда малую толику чиновников. И всё это за уши притянуто к руководству страны”, – обратил внимание бизнесмен.

Пригожин также отметил, что Навальный вернулся в Россию, потому что западные страны не слишком в нём заинтересованы: “В Америке на содержании Леша не нужен, да и денег он хочет много, а из-за всяких Ющенко и Саакашвили и так уже 51 штат переполнен”.

Кроме того, предприниматель напомнил о своих судебных разбирательствах с блогером: “Я подал на Навального в суд. И выигрываю все процессы, заставляя этого негодяя отвечать за свои слова. Их я бы выиграл и в Америке, и в Европе, и в любом другом суде, потому что я прав”.

Что касается ареста Навального, Евгений Пригожин пришел к выводу, что глава ФБК должен ответить за свои преступления согласно Уголовному кодексу. По мнению бизнесмена, главной ошибкой Навального стало его обращение к Евросоюзу с просьбой ввести санкции против экономики РФ.


356582 Дни.ру

Юрист ФБК Любовь Соболь, сотрудник отдела расследований ФБК Георгий Албуров, пресс-секретарь Алексея Навального Кира Ярмыш, часть…


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Республику на церемонии будет представлять глава посольства в Вашингтоне.

Республиканец пожелал успехов и удачи администрации нового президента.

Министерство транспорта и дорожной инфраструктуры Московской области предупредило водителей об ухудшении погодных условий.

NPR News: 01-20-2021 9AM ET

President Trump grants 73 pardons, commutes 70 sentences  Yahoo! Voices

By: Jennifer Peltz

Frustrated by the flow of coronavirus vaccine from the federal government, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday floated the idea of buying shots for New Yorkers directly from one of the vaccine makers, Pfizer.

The idea seemed far from a sure bet, with the pharmaceutical giant saying it would need federal approval to sell to state governments. If that were to happen, the cost and amount have yet to be be discussed.

Regardless, Cuomo said he felt compelled to broach the idea as his state, like many others, faces tough vaccine math. At the current pace of federal vaccine shipments to New York, it could take six months or more to get shots to the 7 million residents already eligible under federal guidelines, let alone the roughly 12 million other New Yorkers. Residents have been scrambling to try to get the shots, with many getting shut out and upset.

“My job as governor of New York is to pursue every avenue, and that’s what I’m doing,” the Democratic governor said at a virtual news conference as he released a letter he’d written to New York-based Pfizer about his idea. He told the company it “could help us save lives right here in New York.”

Pfizer Inc., which developed one of the current vaccines with German partner BioNTech, said in a statement that it appreciated Cuomo’s praise and was open to working with the federal Health and Human Services Department on getting the shots as quickly as possible to as many Americans as it could.

“However, before we can sell directly to state governments, HHS would need to approve that proposal,” the company said.

An HHS spokesperson said via email that Cuomo is “trying to circumvent a long-planned federal allocation system by attempting to cut to the front of the line at the expense of fellow jurisdictions.”

The spokesperson said the top priority for HHS is “maximizing the availability of safe and effective vaccines in a manner which is responsible, fair and equitable for all Americans, not just to those in New York State.”

Under the current system, HHS allocates vaccine doses to states and ships them. The federal Food and Drug Administration’s emergency-based authorization for the Pfizer vaccine specifies that it will be supplied “as directed by the U.S. government.”

The federal government has been paying $19.50 per dose for the Pfizer vaccine and has ordered 200 million doses so far, enough to give the two-shot regimen to 100 million people. Other nations around the world have also placed orders.


The post Pfizer to Cuomo: HHS Approval Needed to Sell Covid Vaccine to NY appeared first on The Jewish Voice.

NYPD Commish Slams Protesters; Says They Don’t Represent MLK

By: Jared Evan

Recently, an NYPD officer reportedly drew his weapon after being confronted by the demonstrators for not wearing a mask during the pandemic, and this has spurred a new wave of BLM anti- police protests.

BLM have taken to the street once more in NYC and NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea slammed the mostly young and white social justice radicals as the “antithesis” of Martin Luther King Jr as they once more caused mayhem in Brooklyn on MLK day.

“On such a day that we’re honoring Martin Luther King, [we have] demonstrations that consist of violence, throwing bottles, breaking property, calling for the death of officers [and] to burn the city down,” Shea said.

“I really can’t think of anything that is more [the] antithesis of what Martin Luther King stood for. I think it’s a disgrace. And it’s time that everyone calls this out.”

The NY post reported Twenty-nine people were arrested at the Monday night demonstration — all of whom were released with summonses or desk appearance tickets, according to cops.

The Barclay’s Center, in the Atlantic Ave area of Brooklyn, has become a popular spot for the predominantly white, college age BLM brigade to gather and abuse the NYPD.

NYPD previously arrested nine Black Lives Matter protesters in Brooklyn Saturday night. The protesters came to call for the firing of an NYPD officer who pulled a handgun on BLM protesters earlier in the week.

A large group of BLM protesters gathered on Saturday night near the Barclays Center to call for the firing of an officer who drew his service weapon during another protest earlier in the week, the New York Post reported. The officer reportedly drew his weapon after being confronted by the demonstrators for not wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The video shows the officer appearing to hold his pistol close to his body and pointed safely to the ground. He reholsters after assessing the situation and draws what appears to be pepper spray from his duty belt. He later deploys an ASP (expandable baton) as the crowd becomes more aggressive.

Virtue signaling over masks is one of the most popular trends of the embolden and radicalized young urban leftist. Leftists love to approach cops and citizens who may have their mask off for even a second and begin to verbally assault, harass and sometimes film the alleged “super spreader”. Mental illness has begun to manifest itself especially among political extremists as a result of the pandemic.

The post NYPD Commish Slams Protesters; Says They Don’t Represent MLK appeared first on The Jewish Voice.

PHOTOS: President Trump leaves White House, gives remarks before boarding Air Force One for last time  News 12 Brooklyn

Russia may achieve herd immunity against COVID-19 in H1 2021: health minister  SHINE

Ex-boyfriend of deported Russian agent pardoned by Trump  The San Diego Union-Tribune

Russian wheat export prices breach $300/mt mark, uptrend to continue: sources  S&P Global

World leaders react to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration  WLS-TV

По мнению Валерия Фадеева, при принятии такого решения поражены в правах будут преимущественно здоровые люди.

В ведомстве считают, что надо начать формировать единую повестку Еревана и властей Карабаха.

Президент РФ охарактеризовал данный вопрос как «сложный».

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