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The ballistic aspects of the Trump assassination attempt of 7.13.24 – My Opinion and Questions – News Review In 100 Tweets

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My Opinion and Questions 

How did the bullet “graze” Trump’s ear, and was it really a bullet?

The presumed gunman Thomas Matthes Crooks was located on the roof to the right side of Trump, and the bullet shot from this direction, which “grazed” the upper tip of his right ear, would inevitably hit the right side of his skull, and this did not happen. It looks like, from Trump’s reaction, that his ear was possibly hit from behind him, and it was something smaller than a regular bullet. Hypothetically and theoretically, the attack with mini-drone, the size of the insect, is possible, as one of the explanations. 

I would also be interested in the identities of people standing on the podium right behind Trump. 

Trump touched the injured ear with his right hand, and when the palm of his hand showed on video, there was no blood on it, immediately after the injury. 

All in all, it is nothing short of miracle that this presumed bullet “grazed” his ear but did not cause any  other damage. 

The medical forensic expertise of the Trump’s wound after the assassination attempt is needed, with the specific question, if it is consistent with bullet injury. 

However, one of the attendees was killed, and two were seriously injured. The locations of these persons and the nature of their injuries should be analyzed forensically vizavi the location of the presumed gunman Crooks, in their ballistic aspects. Were the shots fired by one or more than one person? 

These questions and doubts are supplemented by the set of very clear and sardonic Telling Names: “Trump was shot at Butler Farm Show, Pa; by Crooks”. 

My opinion is that there are observable similarities between this Trump incident and the cases of mass shootings, with regard to the questions about the numbers of the actual shooters and their true identities. It is possible that the authors of these “shows”are the same: Putin and his circle, and that they took some care to avoid the risk to Trump’s life while maximizing its impact on the inciting the Civil War and bringing other similar calamities upon America. 

The additional, facetious side benefit for them, the Putin’s circle,  would be to confuse and to fool the FBI and the public by introducing the explanations which have very questionable relations with the common sense. 

Michael Novakhov | 7.14.24 



The ballistic aspects of the Trump assassination attempt of 7.13.24 – GS